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-45kg kit primer+middle coat+top coat,covers approximately 100sqm/1000sqf

MCR Micro-crystalline Resin counter-tops coating offers a simple step-by-step system for counter-tops upgrading

Is useful for creating a beautiful elegant counter-top, bar top or table top with epoxy resin to create a smooth surface that is scratch-resistant, heat resistant, UV resistant, impact resistant, food safe and will last a lifetime. Choose from our counter-top Kits to make a one-of-a-kind counter-top that you can show off to friends and family and create the “WOW” effect.

Our epoxy counter-top coating makes it easy for everyone to create or renew an existing counter-top such as laminate, tile, granite, wood, concrete and much more.

The application is completely odorless so there is no need to wear a respirator.

For natural stone patterns choose from our prime coat base colors metallic mica powders, glitters to create veins marbling and other natural stone designs.

There are no set rules for applying pigments as they are merely a creative component to the overall system.


100% solid epoxy and zero VOC Volatile Organic Content which means no solvent or harmful odors to breathe.

There is No need to wear a respirator and worry about ventilation before during or after application.

Seamless, rock hard and non-porous surface which eliminates staining.

No joints or grout lines that attract bacteria yeast fungi or other microorganisms.

High UV resistance and safe for indoor.

No yellowing and non-fading when applied according to instructions, creating a fabulous finish.

Heat resistant, rock hard when cured, durable, scratch and impact-resistant is 5 times stronger than concrete. Thickness is creating a strong 3D effect.

Fast application ready to use in approximately 36 hours.

Custom-made, one of a kind counter-tops endless designs.

FDA approved

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