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Typical Applications

Casting and molding products for professional artists, arts and crafts,hobbyists furniture manufacturing. Two-part casting resin is frequently used as it is Non-Toxic and suitable for craft rooms, workshops where high ventilation is not required.

MCR Casting comes in 2 parts A+B must be mixed in the precise ratio given in the manufacturer instructions.

Imprecise measuring and mixing prevents the resin from solidifying or curing.

MCR is self-leveling, giving your project a Crystal Glass Finish without too much technique.

MCR Casting resin is versatile and specially designed and can be poured in large amounts and greater depth can be mixed with phosphorescent glowing colors, metallic pigments, solid pigments for projects like furniture, tables, chairs etc.

MCR is perfect for small decorative items figurines, door knobs, jewelry casting etc. it has a shallow setting depth and that makes it well suited for fast curing when used correctly.

Two component A+B of epoxy resin and hardener

3:1 mix ratio
Crystal clear solvent free, VOC free, no odor.
Excellent for furniture table casting, embedding and encapsulating of different types of objects.
Easy to use, professional results with a crystal-clear finish.
Easy air bubble release with crystal clear clarity. UV resistant formula has a pleasing citrus cent, waterproof heat resistant and chemical resistant. Can be tinted with metallic pigments, glow pigments transparent dies to create a crystal glass look,
Can be buffed or polished after is cured. Easy maintenance

This unique characteristic are some of the main ones why professionals are using MCR Epoxy Resin for demanding projects.Buy today and enjoy a fabulous product

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