3D MCR Metallic Floors

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Metallic MCR floor coating

-45kg kit 15Kg primer+middle coat+top coat,covers approximately 100sqm/1000sqf

Is quite simply a mix between Micro crystalline Resin with a metallic pigment that was specially formulated to mix together and then poured on a concrete floor that was prepared in advance, treated and cleaned. When the pigments mix together with the resin the light reflection will create the WOW 3D effect. The installation technique is what determines the quality and final look of the floor.

Application Environments

Domestic and Commercial

Advantages of Micro crystalline Resin floors

• Natural stone/marble appearance,metallic appearance, huge variety of designs
• Custom made,multiple colors to create unique effects
• Extremely durable coating, strong as stone,fire resistant,chemical resistant
• Easy and fast installation,seamless
• Multi‐Dimensional color hues
• Suitable for many environments
• Stylish, unique design
• Low maintenance
• Economical & cost‐effective
• The pigments come in a variety of colors

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