3D MCR Floors

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-45kg kit primer+middle coat+top coat,covers approximately 100sqm/1000sqf

The 3D microcrystalline resin floors are robust, slip resistant and durable.

Residential resin floors thickness is approximately 3-5mm.
High mechanical strength, impact on scratch resistant.

The 3D designs looks aesthetically pleasing. It offers the possibility of transforming a room into an environment or a place you dream of, a beach, forest, waterfall.

Low dirt retention, easy to clean and look after chemical resistance,fire proof. The floors do not have any gaps where dirt and dust can be accumulated, therefore they are applied in accordance with all ecologically and hygienic regulations.
The 3D floors can have an anti-sleep layer.
Hi, UV stability on the normal daylight conditions.

3D designs are widely applied in private houses, bathrooms, living room, guest rooms, entertainment centers. They are also perfect for children's rooms or child care centers.
A 3D floor can completely change the interior of any house.
A high-quality properly installed floor will delight you with its beautiful appearance, practicality, originality and uniqueness for many years to come. Upgrade your interior and crate the Wow effect.

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