1. What is the material for the 3D Tile?

High-grade MCR microcrystalline resin,3Dprinting film, ceramic tile.


2. What’s the top surface of the 3d tiles?

Its microcrystalline resin that is resistant to impact, durable, UV resistant, scratch proof, non-slippery, easy to clean ( not glass)


3. What's the thickness of the tile?

5mm and 12 mm depending on the width and length of the tile

Sizes that are available all sizes are available in our catalog 


4. How is the 3d effect achieved?.

We are using 3D high definition images that stretched to few meters without losing its clarity and the 3D high-definition effect is much stronger than on the ordinary ceramic tile, the image is inside the complete new formed tile, we fuse the ceramic and microcrystalline resin together to form a solid, strong and long-lasting composite. Light, movement achieve a vivid life-like image and the design is embedded inside the tile.


5. Is the 3D wall mural or floor tile just one piece?

Not really, it needs many pieces to make one design like in a puzzle.


6. What are the available sizes of 3D tiles?

According to customer’s requirements, the biggest size we have is

600mm x8000mm x 12mm when is finished weights approximately 8kg or 17.637lb.


7. How long does it take to produce one design?

Takes 3 days or more depends on how busy we are what type of

custom-made design is chosen.


8. What are the stages of choosing the 3D tiles

Firstly, choose the design you prefer from our gallery if you don’t find what you need let us know by E-mail what your requirements are, then tell us about the size of the tile you require, (we encourage to choose larger sizes as the gaps between the tile are reduced, however, the wall or floor needs to be prepared in advance to achieve a smooth and even surface) after that we will manufacture the 3D tiles for you.


9. How to install them?

Same as the normal tiles.


10.What if one tile breaks, is the whole pictures gone?

When an order is placed all the information is stored on our computerized system ie; design, size, type of tile, etc

The tiles are individually numbered according to the grille that we provide for ease of installation and future reference.


11.What if the person who installs the tiles breaks it do you replace the tile that is broken?

Firstly, our 3d tiles are very strong and don't break easily, secondly, if they do break because of some other accidents, we will replace the broken tile at the price that was initially purchased and the delivery fee that applies to your country.


12. Will the color of the 3d tiles fade away?

Not really, the color of the 3d tiles is not on the surface, is inside of the microcrystalline resin and this ensures that the tile will have a long life and the colors will be maintained.


13. How to clean the 3D tiles?

Just use clean water to wash it.


14. Is the product environmentally friendly?

The materials used in producing the tiles are environment-friendly, easy to clean. The product does not contain formaldehyde is non-toxic and corrosion resistant.


  • 3D picture wall tile.

  • Glazed surface, matt, and glossy finish, A grade quality. Waterproof and without waterproof. The best choice for bathroom & kitchen products.

  • We have many different sizes and colors..

  • For more information pls kindly check our website or send us an email.

  • Waterproof.

  • The best choice for bathroom & kitchen products.

  • We have many different sizes and colors of this tile.

  • We have CE, Soncap, ISO certificate for wall tile



  • Material ceramic -wall tile

  • Absorption rate- waterproof

  • Dimension   - 120*120cm,120*180cm,180*180cm or check our catalogue

  • Packing - Paper packing and wooden pallets.

  • Colors - White, beige, pink, etc.. many colors available and 3d designs 

  • Finish - Glazed, glossy and matt finish

  • Usage Kitchen wall, and bathroom wall, bedroom, etc.

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