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A 3D effect floor is quite a bold decision for your interior, instead of being a background the floor becomes the main detail,automatically, all furnishing, the lightning becomes a background. The wide range of colors and modern technology allows the creation of unique

self-leveling floors.

With 3D Epoxy flooring, you can use your imagination and create your own range of colors and combinations.


Now you have the ability to customize and to personalize your interior.


  • The 3D Micro crystalline resin floors are robust, slip resistant and durable.

  • Residential resin floors thickness is approximately 4-6 mm.

  • Seamless impervious finish. 

  • High mechanical strength, impact and scratch resistant.

  • The 3D design looks aesthetically pleasing.

  • It offers the possibility of transforming a room ,floor and wall into a fabulous masterpiece.

  • Low dirt retention, easy to clean and to look after.

  • The floors do not have any gaps where dirt and dust can be accumulated, therefore they are applied in accordance with all ecological and hygienic regulations.

  • The epoxy floors can have an anti-sleep layer, despite the fact that epoxy has a finis like glass is not slippery.

  • Hi, UV stability on the normal daylight conditions.


Our designs are widely applied in private houses, bathroom, living room, guest room, entertainment centers.


They are also perfect for children's rooms with unlimited color combinations or child care centers.

A 3D effect floor can completely change the interior of any house and create a state of well being

A high-quality properly installed floor will delight you with its beautiful appearance, practicality, originality and uniqueness for many years to come.


1. Primer Two Components Floor Coating System 2:1 Mix Ratio.A+B


Waterproof barrier against Moisture, Mold, Corrosion Inhibiting, Excellent Adhesion, designed for commercial, industrial, and residential concrete floors, penetrates deeper into the pores in order to achieve a better mechanical bond and produces a thinner film or tie coat with the  thicker base coat creating chemically fused strong bonding.


2 Middle Coat---Two Components Floor Coating System 2:1 Mix Ratio A+B


Waterproof Barrier, Against Moisture, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance Designed for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Concrete, cement,can be mixed with metallic Color Pigments, Solid Color Pigments, Color Flakes, Quartz, Color Granules, Mica Flakes, Polymer Color Flakes,Color Glitters for desired effects.


3.Top Coat / High Gloss Top Coat---Two Components Floor Coating System 2:1 Mix Ratio A+B


Waterproof Barrier, Against Moisture, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Anti-slip and UV Stable
Designed for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Concrete, cement can be applied directly over Epoxy Middle Coating for a high gloss protective finish.


























Primer   - Thickness  1mm-2mm Quantity/sqm 150grams 


Middle Coat -  Thickness  3mm-6mm  Quantity/sqm 300grams


Top Coat - Thickness  1mm-2mm  Quantity/sqm 150grams

Above coverage is approximate as much depends on the preparation of the floor

Price per sqm can range between  £20- £150.

Epoxy Floor Cost Explained


Size of the area

Just like any flooring project, larger areas require more attention,preparation, time, material and labour. Although certain aspects of your installation will be fixed on price, the size of the room you want to cover will dictate price as well as the condition of the previous floor.

Quality of the sub base

Epoxy is a versatile product and can go over many different sub-bases. However if your sub base is full of holes, cracks or breaking up, a certain amount of preparation work will be required before a suitable epoxy product can be applied.

Sub base preparation

Epoxy as a coating is thin, and in some circumstances, you may need to build up the levels of the floor this can be done by adding a filler product to the epoxy (commonly called a scratch coat) and applied as a self-leveller. If you need more than this, then we would recommend installing a fast setting hydraulic self-levelling screed before applying the epoxy coat.

How epoxy is applied?


Step 1. Surface preparation

Preparation of the substrate is necessary in order to ensure adhesion. Suitable methods are sanding or diamond-grinding. Any surfaces that have been contaminated with oils may also require chemical cleaning.


Step 2.Floor cleaning

 We use an industrial vacuum that picks up even the smallest dust particles. The floor must be cleaned of all specks of dust and residues before starting to prime.


Step 3. Prime the floor with a suitable primer

We always prime the floor as this is  required to create better bonding.Priming will give your floor a longer life and better adhesion to the substrate. Priming will seal the substrate thus eliminating the risks of bubbles and gasses. Priming helps reduce the amount of product that will be required in the later stages. It is common to coat two layers of primer in order to properly seal the floor.


Step 4. Filling all cracks, holes etc.

This step can also take place before priming. For thin cracks, it may be necessary to slice them with a diamond cutter before filling in

this will improve anchoring. There are different types of fast curing fillers and self-levelling materials on the market that we use.


Step 5. Mixing of epoxy with pigments

First we mix the hardener (part B) for 2 minutes after that pour component (part A) and mix for another 3min use an electric mixer for continuous movement and we ad different type of pigments to achieve the desired effect.

NB (all pigments used are environmentally friendly and suitable for all types of interiors)



Step 7.Application

Once mixed we pour the product to create the desired effect, using a notched squeegee the product is spread gently around until we have an even coat on the surface of the floor.


Application Environments

- Shopping Malls- Restaurants-Showrooms- Hotel & Casino-- Animal Hospitals- Banquet Halls- Bars, Clubs & Pubs- Bathroom

- Hallways/ Corridors Cafeterias- Hallways/ Corridors- Laboratories- Locker Rooms

- Offices- Restroom- Retirements Homes- Salons/Spas- Sport Centers



- Easy Maintenance

- Aesthetic Improvements

- Rock Hard and Abrasion Resistant

- VOC Free, 100% Solid, No Odor

- Stain and Chemical resistant

- Anti-microbial & Anti-slip- High Gloss Finish Like Crystal

- Special Colors can match your preferred design

- Overall our MCR products are versatile easy to use simply to work with and a fabulous replacement for dull tile designs.




























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