Custom Design 3D MicroCrystalline Resin Furniture


Casting and moulding products for professional artists, crafters and hobbyists.

Two-part casting resin is frequently used as it is Non-Toxic and suitable for craft rooms, workshops where high ventilation is not required.

MCR Casting comes in 2 parts A+B must be mixed in the precise ratio given in the manufacturer instructions.

Imprecise measuring and mixing prevent the resin from solidifying or curing.

MCR is self-levelling, giving your project a Crystal Glass Finish without too much technique.

MCR Casting resin is versatile and specially designed and can be poured in large amounts and greater depth can be mixed with phosphorescent glowing colours, metallic pigments, solid pigments for projects like furniture tables, chairs etc.

MCR is perfect for small decorative items figurines, door knobs, jewellery casting etc. it has a shallow setting depth and that makes it well suited for fast curing when used correctly.

Two-component of epoxy resin and hardener 3:1 mix ratio
Crystal clear solvent free VOC free no odour.
Excellent for furniture table casting embedding and encapsulating of different types of objects.
Easy to use professional results with a crystal-clear finish.
Easy air bubble release with crystal clear clarity.

UV resistant formula has a pleasing citrus scent, waterproof heat resistant and chemical resistant.

Can be tinted with metallic pigments glow pigments transparent dies to create a crystal glass look.
Can be buffed, polished or drilled after is cured.
This unique characteristic is some of the main ones why professionals are using MCR Epoxy Resin for demanding projects.


Our colour pigments can be used with MCR casting.

The pigments blend easily to create an unlimited colour combination for a WOW effect.
















Can be poured in large amounts up to 20mm and many layers as required to cover the embedded objects.

Each layer must be cured and prepared for the next stage. Fast curing properties     

Step by Step Guide to creating your bespoke 3D furniture 


Step 1. Prepare the surface.

Preparation of the embedded objects is necessary in order to ensure adhesion between the MCR product and the poured coat as well as preventing future air bubbles from forming  

Step 2. Mix A+B in 1:1 ratio 

Make sure that all the object that is going to be cast are clean and free of dust prepare the 1:1 mix ratio A+B and brush on all the objects.

Leave to dry 4-6 Hours depending on the temperature and humidity.      


                                                                                                                                    Mixing tools 

Step 3.Make your frame

Make sure your frame is solid and resistant to the amount of epoxy that is poured as well as level all corners straight you will have less work and save materials if you prepare your mould correctly this step is very important as will help to save material as well as working time     


Step 4 Mix A+B 3:1 ratio

First Mix the hardener (part B) for 2 minutes after that pour component (part A) and mix for another 2min use an electric mixer for continuous movement -This step is very important- then add the pigments gradually as desired or leave clear  

Adjust the speed of the power tool accordingly start at lower speed first.

Leave to settle for a few minutes allow bubbles to disperse.

Step 5. Leave to dry  

The drying temperature is above 25*C and is less than 60% humidity

Make sure that your casting furniture is covered, the cover should not touch any part, this is from preventing dust or other particles to fall into the mould.



- Easy of Maintenance

- Aesthetic Improvements

- Hard and Abrasion Resistant

- VOC Free, 100% Solid, No Odor

- Stain and Chemical resistant

- Anti-microbial & Anti-slip- High Gloss Finish Like Crystal

- Special Colors can match your preferred design

- Overall our MCR products are versatile easy to use simply to work with and a fabulous replacement for dull tile designs.


- Excellent for business startup low investment high revenues    



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